Heavy Metal: Download our line card!

June 12, 2018

Are you ready to rock?! Welcome to the Progressive Alloy version of Heavy Metal.


Alloy Common Applications
15-5PH (aerospace components and more)
13-8MO (aerospace components, landing gears, valves and more)
13-8 Supertough (aerospace structural components, landing gear, valves and more)
17-4PH (aircraft structures, accessories, gas turbines and more)
4340 VAR (aircraft landing gear, molds, sprockets, gears and more)
300M (aircraft landing gear, high strength bolts, airframe parts and more)
4330M (aerospace industry bolts, airframe parts and more)
9310 (aircraft engine bearings, gears, clutch parts, piston pins and more)

Progressive Alloy Steels Unlimited offers a full line of Stainless Steel and Aerospace products in popular shapes and grades, and we are prepared to serve your material needs whether for military, commercial, or private aviation.  Our Stainless Steel inventory features common products and we offer specialty products and the added service of precision cutting to meet your needs.

Call us for your heavy metal: 800-798-5619

Also, please contact us with other specialty requirements. Chances are we can help.


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