January 25, 2016

Finding a Format

Shops figure out how to avoid a one-size-fits-all technology

January 2016 -¬†Specialty shops capable of handling particularly large sizes do what they do because their equipment is made to handle jobs that can’t be processed easily by their competition.¬†

Vista Metals Corp. in Fontana, California, produces aluminum billets up to 42 inches in diameter and rectangular slabs up to 42 inches thick. “With those large formats, we needed a saw that could handle it,” says Charles Shepherd, Vista’s plant manager. “Our existing equipment couldn’t and we were facing both capacity and capability issues. To open ourselves up to new markets, we needed something bigger.”

Vista Metals turned to Friggi America with its concerns and found it easy to talk with President Ben Fuschino about advancements in the field and what would work best. Shepherd says that once his company determined its needs, Fuschino visited Vista’s plant multiple times to work out the details.


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