November 16, 2015


This year’s NBAA 2015 will include devoting a significant amount of time during the events schedule to discussing the strategy you use in creating and implementing your company’s emergency response plan. These strategy sessions will be applicable to aviation and non-aviation events.  In some industries, a specific plan is required.  Even if it’s not in yours, should you have one?

If your business is hindered in any way, chances are you could lose some customer to your competitors.  Carry out an analysis of the way your company would be impacted financially and how it would run internally should you face any sort of emergency.  Make sure your employees know your strategy and their part in it.

Ultimately, the goal is for your business to be able to minimize the cost of a disruption and restore function as quickly as possible.  Regularly schedule backups, develop a recovery plan, and train employees to become familiar with your program.

Analysis, planning, testing, and training resources are available at  Check out these documents and more to ensure your business continues in any circumstances you face. 

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